Rasul tvållera pulver (Rhassoul Clay ) 100g

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En speciell sorts lera som använts sen Antikens dagar, och som utvinns i Atlasbergens underjordiska gångar. Den har en rengörande effekt- den absorberar fett och smuts från hud, hår och hårbotten utan att skada hårets struktur och hudens naturliga fettlager. Ger len hud och blankt hår. Om du inte tål tensider (tvättaktiva ämnen) eller har mycket känslig hud, är detta ett bra alternativ till rengöring!
Hur man använda?

Ansikt rengöring: Ta 1-2 gram i handflatan,  med några droppar vatten för att förena, blanda och använda samma ansikt rengöring. 

Schampoo: Blanda väl15g rasullera pulver (ca 15 ml) absorberar 25 ml vatten (hydrolater, örtavkok) och sväller till 35-40 ml. Detta räcker till en hårtvätt/kroppstvätt. Gör man större mängder, håller blandningen i en till två veckor i burk med lock.

Ansikt mask: 1 msk rasul tv[llera pulver med 1 tsk vatten eller mjölk och 3-5 droppar mandel olja eller avocado olja som du vill.

Kunders kommentarer: Använder rasulleran istället för duschcreme varje gång jag duschar 🙂 Behöver inte använda lotion efteråt.. Emelie

Mera information och recept på engliska:

Product Description

Rhassoul clay is prized for its outstanding ability to wash, detoxify, nourish and condition the skin and hair. Clays are used by mammals and birds in the wild all over the world, as well as early and contemporary humans. In that respect, human skin, even trouble-prone, sensitive and allergy prone skin is well adapted to using clay.

What is rhassoul clay used for?

  • Shampoo-Conditioner
  • Hair mask
  • Face mask
  • Soap / Shower gel
  • Natural Facial Cleanser
  • Body Scrub
  • Body Wash
  • Facial Care
  • Massage
  • Body Wraps, or Partial Body Wraps. Rhassoul is multi-functional, helping to de-clutter bathrooms and ultimately landfill sites of packaging.

What is rhassoul clay?

100% Montmorillonite (minerals, rare earths and trace elements)
Rhassoul is a 100% natural mineral clay powder formed by natural geothermal processes and volcanic activity. Nothing has been added to it or taken away.
It soap free and fragrance free and will not foam or lather during use.
Rhassoul clay is one of the most versatile of natural skin care products. Using Rhassoul simplifies the daily washing and detoxifying routine, while preventing pollution of our bodies, home environments and the river systems.


Rhassoul clay powder

Rhassoul clay is milled into a powder to increase its detoxifying power

How do you mix rhassoul clay?

Add some rhassoul clay into a stone, clay, glass or wooden bowl. Shake it level and just cover the clay powder in water. Leave the clay alone to hydrate and activate for about 10 minutes. The add more water or powder if needed to achieve the right consistency for the intended use. The clay can be stirred before use to assure a homogeneous consistency. For most uses, a yogurt like consistency is ideal. With a little bit of practice you will become an expert at mixing your rhassoul.

For convenience rhassoul mud can be made ahead of time and stored in an airtight container, or a little water can be poured over the clay to prevent evaporation.

How do you use rhassoul clay to wash and condition the hair?

To use rhassoul clay for washing the hair, mix the clay as described above.

Method 1 Wet the hair, then massage the clay-water mix into the scalp for a few minutes. Add a little more water to the scalp to keep the clay fluid. Do not rub the clay into the hair, just let the hair hang, it will be cleaned during the rinse. Rinse the hair and allow it to dry naturally.

Method 2  Better for long hair: Make the clay mix much thinner than for all other applications, so that it can be poured. The consistency is similar to milkshake. Wet the hair and pour the clay liquid onto the scalp. Spend time rubbing the scalp, ignoring the hair. Then before rinsing, comb the clay mixture down the length of the hair. Rinse the hair thoroughly and allow it to dry.

How do you use rhassoul clay to make a face mask?

Make up the clay up into a yogurt-like consistency. Spread the rhassoul mud over the face, avoiding the eyes. Wash the clay off the face before it dries (about 10 minutes). If you wish to prolong the face mask, cover the mask with a thin damp cloth, or spray with a mister. For help with skin outbreaks, steam the clay mask over a bowl of hot water, using a towel to create a steam chamber.

How do you use rhassoul clay as a facial cleanser and for removing facial make-up or simply for washing the face?

To use rhassoul clay for facial care, first tie the hair back and use argan oil on a tiny piece of cloth to remove oily eye make up. Then just wet the face and dip the fingers into the hydrated clay and dab onto the face. Spread the clay over the face and neck, keeping the clay moist and using a washing motion with the hands, a flannel, exfoliating glove or a sponge. Allow time for it to clean, exfoliate and detoxify. Rinse off. Most people do need to moisturize the delicate and visible skin on the face, neck hands and nails. Argan oil, famous for its anti aging properties is the best moisturizer to use for the face. Rhassoul clay and argan oil have been used together for thousands of years.

How do you use rhassoul slay to replace Shower gel / soap / body scrub?

Rhassoul clay is great as a natural shower gel, instead of soap. Turn the shower on briefly to wet and warm the body. Turn the shower off. Apply the clay as a shampoo or body wash to the skin. Use an exfoliating or massage glove to spread the clay thinly over the body. Massaging a little more where the body needs extra deodorization. With the shower turned off, the clay has time to clean, deodorize and detox the skin.

Then turn the shower on to rinse the body and hair using the exfoliating glove to remove the clay from the skin. The shower is just used for wetting and rinsing, reducing water and energy consumption. Apply the alum if you need a deodorant and argan oil if you need to moisturize or to protect the exposed skin on the face, neck, hands and nails.

Rhassoul is very kind to skins prone to:

  • Psoriasis
  • Eczema
  • Acne
  • Dry or oily patches
  • Sensitive skins
  • Dandruff
  • All skins
  • Fine hair
  • Thinning hair
  • Everyday use

What are the generic properties of rhassoul clay?

Rhassoul possesses a strong negative charge and high absorption rate —carrying away excess sebum, toxins, heavy metals, chemical residues and impurities. The high detoxifying powder make the use of rhassoul clay ideal for skin treatments, face skin care and washing the hair. At the same time, many essential minerals and trace elements are released from the clay particle into the dermis, encouraging better skin health and reduced signs of aging. Follicle health and hair quality are also improved.

With regular use of rhassoul clay for hair washing expect…

  • A perfectly clean scalp and hair
  • Relief from dry and dandruff-prone scalps
  • A better nourished scalp and healthier follicles
  • Reduced frequency between hair washing
  • An increase in hair volume and body
  • An increase in hold, flexibility, smoothness and shine
  • No build-up
  • Less itchy skin, when itchiness is caused by sensitivity to chemical soap, shampoos and conditioners.
  • Improved deodorization of the skin.

With regular use of rhassoul clay for washing the face and body expect…

  • After a single usage expect your skin to be perfectly clean
  • More translucent
  • Softer
  • Much reduced in flakiness
  • Increased skin elasticity
  • Better nourished skin with a firmer texture
  • Silky smooth skin all over
  • Less reliance on deodorants and moisturizers due to the natural deodorizing and emollient effect of Rhassoul clay
  • A reduction of oily shine on the surface of the skin
  • Cleaning of excess oils from inside and around the comedons (pores) giving improvement to acne prone skin
  • A reduction in the need to moisturize dry skins.

The ethics of using rhassoul clay for washing

  • Highly effective and economical
  • Vegan (100% mineral)
  • Transported by sea (sea transport has the lowest emissions compared to other forms of transport)
  • Ethically traded, helping to sustain a desert economy
  • Supporting traditional lifestyles, helping to prevent rural depopulation
  • Respecting and acknowledging indigenous Berber tribal knowledge
  • Kind to water systems and rivers
  • Clay naturally biodegrades. Safe for septic tanks.
  • Recyclable packing and envelopes
  • Rhassoul clay was made by a volcano, using the ‘free energy of nature’
  • Small scale-production – hand dug, hand washed and sun-dried.
  • Expert product support from people at Natural Spa Supplies Ltd who use Rhassoul Clay everyday.

Note: This clay comes with complete low usage instructions (i.e. from 10g for a shower). This is a result of pioneering new low-use parameters through the ‘Go Prehistoric Clay Challenge’ with journalists. They trialed 100g per week for all of their washing – hair, face and body. The results were very promising. Some clever athlete customers are averaging 6-10g of rhassoul powder for washing their hair, face and body everyday. However dermatologists recommend that people only shower/bath every other day. In between you can strip wash with clay, using very small amounts, making washing with rhassoul clay more economical still.


Can I use clay if I have eczema?

Yes, definitely!  If you have eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, acne, itchy skin, sensitive, allergy prone or trouble prone skin, you will find that clay will be well accepted. Do a patch test first to be sure. In fact once you stop using foaming products, products which contain synthetic ingredients and in general commercial products, and change over to clay, don’t be surprised if the skin becomes easier to manage.




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